Sunday, December 22, 2013

Knock, Knocking on Success Door

A date to mark on my Calendar is 20th of December 2013 when I accomplished a big milestone. The Wireless GoPro innovation was field tested to reach 1KM in range in open area, it was at the Bahrain Motocross Championship. This is a uTrack TV product. Photo courtesy of Hisham Tawfiqi. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Friday, December 7, 2012

Refurbishing Your Identity?

Well, whether you answer Yes or No, the time has come anyway to rethink your Company's Identity. Mostly it happens to Companies that are evolving, getting better or just reviving their existence, that's where LogoSnap comes in to save the day!

On my personal experience I tend to create designs of identities from a sketched idea on tablets, but to actually get 10's of designers to provide different perspectives of that is just way unbelievable with such a low cost, almost considered FREE!
Today I'm so glad that I saved thousands of Bahraini Dinars on many Startup Companies of Bahraini Entrepreneurs, made them choose between more than 100 concepts of their logo with a fraction of the cost of any local design company.

Start your Evolution Today and don't hesitate to grow BIGGER!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Services Monitor Cronjob for Linux

After searching for several hours for a decent direct explanation of how to Monitor or automate a script to check for critical service that's run on Linux Box, which is Ubuntu in my case, I've decided to post a little help for Linux Administrators out there.

So, you really need to study the service you'll be monitoring on your box, how much crucial is it to wait until it gets fixed, then do the following:

1) You need SU access such as 'root'.
2) Create a Shell Script, for example under the folder /opt or any other folder you like.
3) Use this code:
if [ $STATUS > 0 ]
exit 0
echo "Service SERVICE_NAME started."
/sbin/service SERVICE_NAME start
exit 0
 4) Replace SERVICE_NAME with the service you aiming to Monitor, for example one my Ubuntu Servers I had a problem with 'nginx' which a mini webserver from Apache.

5) You can repeat the code above in the same file for other services.

6) Add the Shell Script to your Crontab depending on your own frequency, for example I had to check this for every 5 minutes, so the cronjob should be:

*/5 * * * * * /opt/

6) The cronjob will email the Server Admin the output result, incase of any issues.

Please feel free to contribute, feedback is very much appreciated.

Friday, August 24, 2012

An Inspiring Mention by Adobe!

Once upon a night I posted an Adobe Logo on Instagram as an appreciation for their great contribution to humanity, and personally to me since the first year they released Flash 1 in 1996 when they used to be "Macromedia". And they Thanked me back! .. truly privileged /:)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Install CPanel or Plesk on Linux

I decided to compile this after searching for it and could only find few resources, so here's how to download and install CPanel or SWSoft PLESK on RedHat Linux.

1) You can install latest cPanel version using following steps :

- Login through SSH to your server and download cPanel installer script using following link :
- Give executable permission to downloaded file :
chmod +x latest
- Then simply run the script :
This will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

2) To install Plesk 9 on linux, use following steps :

- Login through SSH to your server and download plesk installer script using following link :
You have to register on parallels website to download any product.

Note : Download Auto installer as per your server Operating system, as plesk provides different installer for different Operating systems.

- Give executable permission to downloaded file :
chmod +x
- Then simply run the script :
- Installer will ask you few questions about required disk space and required modules. Select all plesk modules as per your requirement and then complete the installation.

This will take approximately 1 hour to complete.